Terms of Service

The guidelines for Top Nine usage

Last Modified: 24 August 2019


The hereunder document is a legally binding agreement between Top Nine LLC, the Service Provider, and you, the User and/or Customer. Below, we have outlined the offering and it's scope, party responsibility, litigation information, compliance information, and all other necessary information to sufficient establish a working agreement between the Service Provider and Customer. Top Nine LLC reserves the right to dispute any different interpretations of this Document that differs from its intended meaning.

Services & Products

Top Nine LLC, the Service Providers offers client mobile applications, web interactive applications, desktop applications, and peripheral services. These services, and all other associated products are offered AS IS with NO WARRANTY made whatsoever. The primary service offered by Top Nine is the generation and creation of Audio Video assets with the use of a users Instagram content. Top Nine and it's products are not affiliated nor endorsed by Instagram, Facebook - it's parent corporation, or any other entity associated with the Corporation. Top Nine also reserves the right to sell products with media printed on it - including by not limited to Mugs, Shirts, Frames, and Accessories.

Third Parties & Integration

Top Nine, and it's services, rely on Instagram for content in product offerings and operation. Users consent to the use of their media when using the service to create their Top Nine. We utilize all publicly available integrations and software kits to deliver this experience in full compliance with Facebook Inc.'s Terms of Service\. Furthermore, we integrate with a few telemetry products such as, but not limited to, those offered by Google Inc., Apple Inc., and Facebook Inc.

Data Collection & Usage

Top Nine, and through its products, reserves the rights to collect user information in compliance with all legal statutes to enhance and improve product experience. This content may include, but is not limited to, user meta data, client information, email address, location information, network quality information, Instagram username, and other. However, we DO NOT save or distribute any media owned by a user. This include NOT USING Photos, Videos, Carousels, or any other Instagram content without prior written consent from the media owner(s).

Purchases & Adverts

Top Nine reserves the right to offer digital and physical goods for purchase, as well as the reservation to display digital and physical advertisements. All sales are final and no refunds will be issued without exception. Product sales will be conducted through third party vendors and respective vendors will be the servicers for those transactions. Top Nine additionally reserves the right to collect information to target advertisements in any and all of our product offerings. Any purchase or subsequent activity that occurs as a result of clicking in/through a displayed ad is NOT the liability of Top Nine LLC. By using our services, you hereby waive this right.

Litigation & Liability

Top Nine LLC is a registered United States company. As such, all litigation will fall under the domain of United States, specifically in the jurisdiction of New Jersey. Furthermore, Top Nine LLC reserves the right to dismiss any filed case that is covered by thes Terms document. Furthermore by using our services you waive your right to file suit or make more than 1 (one) claim of up to $1000 USD in damages with appropriate evidence. You agree to not file multiple cases through proxied individuals or entities. You additionally agree to follow all legally binding clauses and rules to protect your own data & privacy, as well as that of Top Nine LLC.

Changes & Updates

This document is subject to change at any time in the future without prior express notice. Your binding nature of agreement shall go into effect the next date of service access after such a legal update occurs. We encourage you to periodically review this document for changes. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out and contact us.