Privacy Policy

How we handle your data

Last Modified: 24 August 2019


There hereunder document, referred to as the Privacy Policy or Policy, is a legally binding agreement between Top Nine LLC, the Service and Product provider, and all users and/or customers that access, visit, or otherwise, any offered Services or Products. Specifically, this document outlines information in respect to Privacy. This includes, but is not limited to the data the Service Provider may collect, how it is stored, how it is used, and compliance information.

Data Collection

Top Nine LLC reserves the right to collect user information, with explicit exception to Google User Data, that will aid and help improve service offerings. Data we may collect, not limited to, includes user information, location information, network information, usage information, telemetry information, duration of usage, errors / issues faced, and client side information. Top Nine LLC will NOT collect or store user media, such as Photos and Videos, without prior written consent. Top Nine does reserve the right to distribute featured Top Nine girds via Social Media for publicly available accounts on Instagram.

Google User Data

All services that we offer, that interface with any Google service, will be fully governed by Google's Limited Use Requirements with no exception. This fully includes usage of the Google Calendar APIs, libraries, or otherwise data access.

Data Usage

Top Nine uses collected information to only enhance and improve Product and Service offerings. We utilize telemetry information to offer a stable and bug free experience. We use personal interest information to target ads and placements.

Mandate Compliance

Top Nine LLC operates as a United States based company. As such, we ensure to be compliant with all Federally applicable law. Furthermore, we ensure to continue to be compliant with EU and GDPR regulations. This includes the manner we collect information, how we store, how long we store it, and the disclosures we provide to our users.

Ownership Of Content

Top Nine LLC does not make any claim to own user data and information. All media, photos, videos, and otherwise considered assets are the full and sole ownership of the given account holder on Instagram.

Litigation & Liability

All privacy related litigation and cases will be governed under United States Federal Law, under the jurisdiction of New Jersey. By using or accessing our services, you waive the right to seek more than $100 USD in damages for any Privacy related case. You also waive the right for another entity to seek damages on your behalf - even if that party has not accessed our services.

Changes & Updates

This Privacy Policy is subject to change at any point in the future without prior notice. We encourage all users to frequent this document for any updates. Furthermore, do not hesitate to reach out to us for questions or concerns.